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About Nick Wynne

Nick Wynne is a native of McRae, Georgia, but has lived in Kansas, Alabama and Florida much longer than he spent in his home state. He graduated from Telfair County High School in 1961 and spent three years in the United States Army. He served overseas in Asmara, Eritrea, Ethiopia. He received his Bachelor of Science in Education in 1969, a Master’s Degree in History in 1970 and his doctorate in 1980 from the University of Georgia. He taught at Southern Technical Institute (now Southern Polytechnic State University) from 1970 until 1980. After a brief stint as the Executive Director of the Wyandotte Child Care Association in Kansas City, Kansas, he taught at the University of South Alabama for two years and then taught at the University of South Florida. In 1987, he became the Executive Director of the Florida Historical Society and retired from that position in July 2008.

After experiencing a bout of throat cancer in 2008, Nick received a clean bill of health and resumed his writing career, publishing his first novel in 2010.

“I published my first book in 1986,” Wynne said in a recent interview. “It was my doctoral thesis and was published by Mercer University Press. Since then I have published fourteen popular history books, often as co-author with academic friends of mine, and four non-history books, including a cookbook and a book of adventure stories for youths. In 2010, I published my first novel, Pirkle Hall: Sister Mary Magdalene and the Church of the Archangel Rodney. The novel is sort of based on people I knew or knew of in my hometown, but the action of the characters is all made up. In 2011, I published Coot: The Further Misadventures of Coot Harrell and the Boys which draws, once again, on individuals I knew growing up in small town Georgia in the 1950s and 1960s. Unlike history books, novels are very liberating and allow an author to give free rein to his or her imagination. As I get older (I am now 68), I really appreciate the freedom.”

Wynne currently resides in Rockledge, Florida, with his wife, Debra, and two “well intentioned but mindless” cats in 1924 Mediterranean Revival home built during the Boom era. Debra is a retired social worker and archivist. Currently she volunteers for the Brevard County Central Library in Cocoa. He has a daughter, Lisa, who lives in Dallas and a son, Patrick, who lives in Los Angeles.